2008-11-07 19:02:15 by WOPR

Just got Wi-fi
my brawl friend code is 1977-3313-7878 (i think, if not try changing the 77 in 1977 to 44,55,66, or 88)
P.M. me your codes

P.S. 13 kills as kirby in crule brawl


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2008-11-07 19:07:04

yeah yeah in chrismas day am gonna kick your ass


2008-11-07 19:30:41

shit 13 kills with kirby in cruel brawl!Damn i only got 2 with ike

WOPR responds:

I got 8 with ike, 3 with sonic 2 with game&watch and at leased 1 with all others