2009-11-01 18:25:50 by WOPR

this is just to cover my page...
if anyone has comments about my medles I should have alot more but theres a problem with my downloading the flash games in order to play them fullscreen heh heh

also happy halloween guys, as a joke I dressed up as Hank from Madness... 2 people at our school got it and about 40 people asked me who I was lol... (after I told them they called me a nerd so I just pointed at their Iphone and WOW shirt and asked who's the nerd?)

umm... all I have to say now is GO MADNESS!!!! can't wait for the next one to come out


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2009-12-20 10:49:40

Ya know that Scribbland review you made? Well you spelled whining wrong! It's
not spelled; whineing!

WOPR responds:

I had no sleep for 25 hours, so get off my back you still know what I ment didn't you? you don't see me yelling at everyone who says "lol" "idk" ":)" and other stuff like that