flash games

2009-12-27 01:04:05 by WOPR

we have a class at our school for game designers and I'm thinking once we finish our current project we'll make a game for newgrounds

any suggestions?

we have 8 people in all
specialties are
artists = 3
programmers = 3
designers = 2

so any game suggestions or anything?


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2009-12-27 02:42:32

have good idea make it madness but it has model from halo and will be success

WOPR responds:

*sigh* I get it halo...
I already like madness but I still don't care for halo mainly because of the "story" and the fact that your health (or shields for thoes who point it out) regenerate

so ya possibly, I know that I need to apply to the audience (no matter what I think) so heh, in a way that already makes me better than EA (long story involving Thrill Kill for the playstation 1)

sooooo ya I'll think about it
mind you I'm not back in school for another week so don't think it'll be up soon